About Us

Shine Divine is an online Lifestyle Boutique that offers you the opportunity to buy exclusive designer handcrafted Indian products. We specialize in Gemstone Jewellery.

Here, you will enjoy the collection of hand-picked and certified natural precious and semi-precious gem stones and jewellery especially designed for your differing needs, ranging from minimalistic office wear to grand Indian festival celebrations.

The name Shine Divine represents …Shine like a Diva.

Shine Divine is all about the new, bold, confident, independent women who are pushing the glass ceiling and stealing the spotlight.

We believe that it is high time that we break the traditional stereotypes of women where they are considered to be much more emotional and irrational than men. The modern Indian woman is an epitome of leadership, pragmatism and ambition. She aspires to heal the world with her determined efforts combined with sensitivity.  Yet she knows self-care and pampers herself. This woman deserves nothing less than the best.

We have a team of energetic, skilled, dedicated craftsmen. We all are motivated to delight you with our creations. Welcome to our world…