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Shine Divine



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Product Description

Soothing greenish blue beads of Natural Aquamarine strung together to form this beautiful stretchable bracelet.

  • Color : Greenish Blue, Opaque
  • Size : Gemstone - 6 mm round beads.
  • Weight : 16.09 g
  • Material : Natural Aquamarine, stretchable chord
  • Unit : 1 Bracelet

Style tip

The soothing color and smooth finish of the beads make them ideal to wear any day.

Aquamarine Healing Benefits

  • Tranquility, Serenity
  • Clarity
  • Harmony

    Care Tips

    To minimize scratching and wear, store each piece of jewelry separately in a soft cloth or padded container.

    Do not place it or store it where there's too much exposure to heat as it can fade or damage stone.

    Use an ultra-mild soap-water solution to wipe and clean your crystal jewelry.

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    All products will take around 5-7 days

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